Immigrant Welcome Centre

Free Professional Services for Immigrants & Newcomers

Presentations, workshops and training can be tailored according to specific needs of each group, agency, organization, institution or company. These sessions can range from one hour to a multi-day trainings, depending on needs.



Following are brief examples of some trainings we provide:

Working Effectively with Language Interpreters

● Reasons for using professionally trained language interpreters

● The roles of the interpreter and the professional

● Problems you may encounter in an interpreting situation

Understanding Stereotypes using Bafa Bafa

The purpose of this fun and interactive simulation is to:

● Understand how stereotypes of cultures are formed and perpetuated

● Analyze and discuss methods for overcoming the negative effects of stereotypes

Discrimination and its Impact on the Workplace

● Defining terms (e.g. generalization, stereotype, discrimination, racism)

● Discuss the impacts of discrimination on the workplace environment and individuals who are involved

● Discrimination policies – Should you have one? What does it look like?

Handling Racist Incidents

● Explore practical ways to identify and deal with racist incidents

● Learn how to approach the subject of racism in an organization or community setting

● Explore issues of responsibility and action, including the responsibility of systems in addressing racism

Anti-Discrimination Response Training (A.R.T.)

● Defining terms (e.g. stereotype, prejudice, racism, culture, diversity)

● Understand the “Active Witnessing Model” (Created by Dr. Ishu Ishiyama)

● Practice “active witnessing” using over 100 possible responses

● Participants will have increased awareness of various prejudiced remarks and discriminating situations, increased awareness of appropriate responses as witnesses, and increased competency in using the active witnessing responses.

Communicating Across Culture

● Explore non-verbal communication

● Examine barriers to cross-cultural communication

Adjusting to a New Country and Culture

● Explore and discuss adjustment issues faced by new immigrants

● Examine the ‘Settlement Process’ (excitement → culture shock → integration)

● Identify strategies to best work with individuals facing these difficulties

Other workshops and training we bring to the community include:

● Valuing Diversity: Exploring Personal Attitudes and Biases

● Multicultural Organizational Change Process

● Policy Development & Implementation

● Medical, Legal & Ethical Implications of Diversity

● Racism & Power

● Power & Privilege

● Family Conflicts & Family Violence – Culturally Appropriate Intervention

● Inclusive Programs: Supporting Participants from Diverse Language and Cultural Backgrounds

● Recruiting & Interviewing Staff Across Cultures

● Training & Supporting Staff Across Cultures

● Meaningful Evaluation Tools for Multicultural Programs

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