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A Message from the Immigrant Welcome Centre’s Board Chair, Doug Preston

“When all is said and done, inclusiveness is about people being respected for their diversity. This means being able to celebrate their differences, being able to contribute their unique talents and potential to their community, and being able to participate in the community’s prosperity through access to education, employment, social services, health care, and housing. Economic growth, community and family well-being, and diverse and inclusive communities are intrinsically and inseparably joined.

We are experiencing a time where diversity and inclusion are meeting racism and fear head on. Racism has no place in our institutions, our communities or in Canadian society, and must be challenged wherever it is found. Our challenge is to make our community a destination of choice whether it be for people within our province and Canada, or people from around the world who are choosing where and to whom they will contribute their talents and skills.

A fair and just society values the diversity and potential of all its people. A smart society celebrates and promotes diversity. A prosperous and wise society works to strengthen that diversity. MISA invites you to join us in helping to build a more diverse and inclusive north island.”

Doug Preston

Board Chair, MISA

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Immigrant Welcome Centre

We provide free specialized services for immigrants, refugees and newcomers in Campbell River, the Comox Valley, and northern Vancouver Island.

Immigrant Welcome Centre

Free Professional Services for Immigrants & Newcomers in Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River and northern Vancouver Island.