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The Welcoming Communities Coalition is a regional community development initiative coordinated through the Immigrant Welcome Centre.  Our goal is to create more welcoming and inclusive communities in Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  The Coalition seeks to collaborate with, strengthen and work together with local residents, community agencies, initiatives, organizations, businesses and government agencies in the region.  





Welcoming Communities are places that embrace diversity and inclusivity while actively engaging with the vibrant cultures in the region, and where newcomers feel welcome, safe and respected”.


Immigration, which has always been a part of Canada’s history, brings with it vibrancy, diversity and economic growth. It isiStock 86713567 LARGE estimated that people from over 100 countries currently reside in the North Vancouver Island region. Often the first few years of a new immigrant’s life here can be a time of excitement. But, it can also be a time full of frustration and isolation, as newcomers navigate through many barriers such as a new language, unrecognized work experience and credentials, housing, new customs and new social rules and expectations. Many newcomers are also dealing with the scars of war and violence as well as grief and worry having left loved ones behind.


About Welcoming Communities Coalition

The Welcoming Communities Coalition is a community development initiative which officially began in June 2016. Funded by Immigrants Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it is one of several Local Immigration Partnership initiatives established in communities across Canada. In June of 2018 there were a total of 77 local Immigration partnership projects established, with more to come.

Each of the immigration partnership initiatives across the country are tasked with creating a local immigration strategic plan unique to their areas. Our plan will consist of identified barriers to a newcomer’s settlement and community inclusion, along with solution- focused approaches to problem solving, clear and measurable outcomes, with intended actions supported by timelines for completion.

Our goal is to identify and reduce barriers facing newcomers in Campbell River and the Comox Valley, ensuring that we are providing a welcoming and inclusive community for all who call North Vancouver Island home.


What We Do

The Welcoming Communities Coalition seeks to collaborate with, strengthen and work together with local residents, community agencies, initiatives, organizations, businesses and government agencies. And, at the same time, through connecting, conversation, research, public education and strategic assessment, we will identify gaps, needs and offer innovative, sustainable solutions to enhance newcomer wellbeing.


Mission and Mandate

The mission of the Welcoming Communities Coalition is to facilitate the improvement of local capacity to foster inclusion and in becoming welcoming communities. Through the Welcoming Communities Coalition, the Immigrant Welcome Centre works collaboratively with existing expertise and resources in the region to:iStock 78890651 LARGE

  • improve coordination of existing services;
  • facilitate public education and awareness;
  • provide a coordinated response to meet needs and to engage newcomers;
  • enable successful integration of newcomers.

The Welcoming Communities Coalition meets to assist with developing a coordinated, comprehensive and strategic approach to immigration and integration that fits the needs of the communities they represent. Coalition members are directly involved in the creation and implementation of both a strategic plan and an annual action plan with the overarching goal of identifying and making Campbell River and Comox Valley welcoming and inclusive communities.


Our Members

Active partner engagement is key to creating more inclusive and welcoming communities. Coalition members include community service providers that represent sectors that are directly involved in, or have an interest in, the integration of newcomers, including:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Education
  • Employment/Labour
  • Faith Community 
  • Health
  • Inclusion/Social Justice
  • Federal Government
  • Language
  • Municipal Government
  • North Island Region
  • Police/Legal/Emergency
  • Provincial Government


Becoming a Member

There is no cost to become a member of the Coalition. Members can be anyone with a commitment to growing diversity and equal opportunities in Campbell River and the Comox Valley.

If you are interested in becoming a Member, please review the Welcoming Communities Coalition Terms of Reference here.


A look at the current needs of newcomers in Campbell River & the Comox Valley

The welcoming Communities Coalition of the Immigrant Welcome Centre conducted a comprehensive Needs Assessment research to learn more about the needs of our community, especially as it relates to newcomers. We believe this important information can help improve the quality of policy and program decisions in organizations throughout our region and also help our local programs and services to better support international newcomers as well as others in our community. Here is a link to the full report. 2020 Needs Assessment Summary Report


For additional information, please contact us at (250) 830-0171 or email

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