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The Canadian Multiculturalism Act, created for the preservation and enhancement of multiculturalism in Canada, became law on July 21, 1988.



It acknowledges the contributions of Canadians of all origins and their communities to the building of Canada and reminds us of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship set out in Canadian legislation.

The Canadian Multiculturalism Act encourages us to work together to build a society in which principles of multiculturalism are fully realized.

Bill C-93 - 1988

It is hereby declared to be the policy of the Government of Canada to:

(a) recognize and promote the understanding that multiculturalism reflects the cultural and racial diversity of Canadian society and acknowledges the freedom of all members of Canadian society to preserve, enhance and share their cultural heritage;

(b) recognize and promote the understanding that multiculturalism is a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian heritage and identity and that it provides an invaluable resource in the shaping of Canada's future;

(c) promote the full and equitable participation of individuals and communities of all origins in the continuing evolution and shaping of all aspects of Canadian society and assist them in elimination of any barriers to such participation;

(d) recognize the existence of communities whose members share a common origin and their historic contribution to Canadian society and enhance their development;

(e) ensure that all individuals receive equal treatment and equal protection under the law, while respecting and valuing their diversity;

(f) encourage and assist the social, cultural, economic and political institutions of Canada to be both respectful and inclusive of Canada's multicultural character;

(g) promote the understanding and creativity that arise from the interaction between individuals and communities of different origins;

(h) foster the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultures of Canadian society and promote the reflection and evolving expressions of those cultures;

(i) reserve and enhance the status and use of the official languages of Canada; and

(j) advance multiculturalism throughout Canada in harmony with national commitment to the official languages of Canada.

Bill 39 - 1993

British Columbia Multiculturalism Act

The following are the purposes of this Act:

(a) to recognize that the diversity of British Columbians as regards race, cultural heritage, religion, ethnicity, ancestry and place of origin is a fundamental characteristic of the society of British Columbia that enriches the lives of all British Columbians;

(b) to encourage respect for the multicultural heritage of British Columbia;

(c) to promote racial harmony, cross cultural understanding and respect and the development of a community that is united and at peace with itself;

(d) to foster the creation of a society in British Columbia in which there are no impediments to the full and free participation of all British Columbians in the economic, social, cultural and political life of British Columbia.

This information regarding B.C. Human Rights Law and Federal Multicultural Legislation was copied with permission from Celebrating the Mosaic: A Handbook and Guide to Resources for Diversity Education, Third Edition produced by the Consortium on Diversity Education (CODE).

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