Immigrant Welcome Centre

Free Professional Services for Immigrants & Newcomers

Looking for information? We have guide books, pamphlets, brochures and videos on many topics in various languages.

If you need help navigating your new life in Canada, book a free appointment with a Settlement Practitioner.



Translated Materials are available in French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Spanish and other languages. We provide information on health care, legal issues, housing, family and social matters.

Topics include:

  • Immigration
  • HealthCare in BC
  • Rights & Responsibilities for Tenants / Landlords
  • Community Welcoming Packages
  • Racism
  • Multiculturalism
  • Immigrant Experience
  • Organizational Change

They are particularly helpful for:

  • Teachers and Schools
  • Child Care Workers
  • Health Care Workers
  • Businesses
  • Public Institutions
  • Community Groups
  • Individuals

Welcome BC provides a video series to help you navigate your new life in Canada. For videos in more languages, click here.

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