Fish On, Fri-On!

Immigrant Welcome Centre Success Stories Friann Campbell River

Friann came to Canada in 2013 as part of the Temporary Foreign Worker program. In 2016 he got married, and since he and his daughter wanted to become Permanent residents, IWC assisted Friann and his wife with all the sponsorship application forms.

Two years later, Friann received the Confirmation of Permanent Resident; however, his daughter still lived in the Philippines, and the documents she needed to submit at the Canadian embassy in the Philippines were here in Canada with Friann. Mailing the documents wasn’t an option as it would take too long, so Friann decided to fly back to the Philippines and deliver the documents to the embassy. However, since he hadn’t received his PR card yet, he wondered how he could get back to Canada without a PR card. Once again, IWC went to the rescue and helped Friann to obtain a PR Travel Document, which allowed him to re-enter Canada.

Friann and his daughter were reunited and started their life together in Campbell River.

The following step for Friann was to upgrade his skills, so he went back to college and graduated with honors as a Community Health Worker while working full time. He and his daughter are currently in the process of obtaining their Canadian Citizenship.

Friann says: “You might be wondering why the title of my story is Fish On, Fri-On. I love fishing, so Fish On, and you may pronounce my name as Fri-On, so Fish On, Fri-On! I am indeed living my dreams here in Campbell River. IWC has been very much instrumental to my success. Thank you for having Settlement Practitioners who are dedicated to helping their clients.”


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Immigrant Welcome Centre

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