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From NR to RN

My name is Majesty and my country of origin is the Philippines. I came to Canada on March 1, 2011, with my Canadian husband. At that time, my immigration status was NR (non-resident or visitor visa). I was aware that my husband had to sponsor me so I could live permanently with him in Canada. My husband had no time to do the paperwork so I sought the help of the Immigrant Welcome Centre (IWC) in Campbell River (CR). The sponsorship application was submitted. I was also aware that I needed to upgrade my English as I wanted to become a registered nurse (RN) someday.  

As I did not have the Permanent Resident (PR) status yet, I could not enroll in Robron’s Continuing Education program. The IWC referred me to the Literacy Program. My tutor was very patient and helpful with me, I met the language requirements to study further.

Eventually, I was given a work permit. My first job in Campbell River was at Tim Hortons. After 4 years of waiting, I became a PR. Again, I went to the CR IWC — this time to request assistance to help me sponsor my daughter in the Philippines. The sponsorship was again successful and I was reunited with my daughter on October 18, 2015. With the help of the IWC, my daughter learned how to swim through the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program. Furthermore, the International Family Night Program of the IWC connected my daughter and me to other immigrants in the community, especially the Filipino community in CR.

With a PR status, I was also able to enroll at North Island College in Courtenay to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse (I had to go to Courtenay because this course was not offered on the Campbell River campus). I had to write seven essays before they accepted me. Concurrent with my studies, I wanted to give back to the IWC for the help that they have given and still give to our family. Hence, I volunteered at the International Family Night Program, International Women’s Group, and at special events they conducted.  

I completed the 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and graduated from North Island College with honours. I also took the licensure exam on October 18, 2021, and passed it on my first try. Now I am an RN working full time at the Campbell River hospital.

My daughter and I are now waiting for our oath of citizenship. The IWC assisted me with the citizenship application forms. I confidently and successfully passed my citizenship exam with the help of the citizenship tutor of the IWC.

The journey I went through was not an easy one. There were times I wanted to give up but my faith in God sustained me, coupled with the support of my mentors and the assistance of the Immigrant Welcome Centre. 

The immigrants in the North Island are truly blessed to have the IWC. A big, big, thank you to all the staff of the Campbell River Immigrant Welcome Centre. Keep up the good work!


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