Immigrant Welcome Centre

Free Professional Services for Immigrants & Newcomers


The Immigrant Welcome Centre is run by the Multicultural & Immigrant Services Association of North Vancouver Island (MISA), which is a registered not-for-profit society. A not-for-profit society does not belong to the government. It is a legal entity that is registered under the provincial or federal Societies Act. The main difference between a for-profit and a not-for-profit organization is the ability to distribute profits. In a not-for-profit, any profit must be retained within the organization and cannot be distributed to its members.


Campbell River, Comox Valley



Our board brings a strong and varied set of skills and experience. Our volunteer Board of Directors oversees MISA’s executive activities and sets policy and direction for the organization. Their work is vital to our success. We are proud and grateful to have such a great team.

If you would like to contact the board please email them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Vision Statement

A North Island region that embraces diversity and inclusivity while actively engaging with the vibrant cultures in the region, and where newcomers feel welcome, safe and respected.

Mission Statement

The Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association of North Vancouver Island (MISA) assists local communities in attracting and retaining newcomers by providing education and professional services to members of those communities while offering advocacy for vulnerable populations and settlement services, thereby fostering welcoming and inclusive communities.

Values Statement

MISA believes that:

  • All people have a right to be treated, and feel that they are treated, with respect, dignity, and fairness
  • All people have a right to privacy, and to be treated with confidentiality and respect to personal boundaries
  • All people have a right to be and feel safe in their communities, neighbourhoods, and workplaces
  • All people have a right to self-determination and to build their capacities to be self-reliant and independent
  • All individuals, community groups, organizations, and employers need to understand and fully implement all related government statutes, regulations, and case law
  • All people have a right to be included, and to not be discriminated against for reasons of gender, age, culture, race, language, religion, ability, social class, and sexual orientation
  • All organizations have a responsibility for continuing to learn and implement best practices

Commitments Statement

MISA is committed to implementing and being a model for these ethics statements in all of its work, and, in addition, to being in its relations with customers, clients, funders, and stakeholders:

  • Transparent
  • Professional
  • Accountable



To successfully meet our goals and serve our clients, we rely on extensive partnerships and relationships in our community. Please join us in thanking them: City of Campbell River, Department of Recreation and Culture, Chamber of Commerce, North Island College, North Island Employment Foundation.



North Vancouver Island is home to a growing number of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The Immigrant Welcome Centre began in Campbell River in 1992. The organization was created by our founders: Naomi Wolfe, Heather Downing and Susan Dobie, in response to needs expressed by newcomers, visible minorities, parents and community services providers. 



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