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Rock Painting Project

For our first project of the year, to celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism in our community, the Welcoming Communities Coalition is Collaborating with the Campbell River Art Gallery on a Rock Painting project in support of their Autumn Tigers exhibition which explores the history of Chinese immigration and culture on Vancouver Island. Rock painting is fun for kids and adults. The theme for this project is “HOPE” (#HopeRocksCR). Starting June 12, the Art Gallery and WCC will be offering an opportunity for anyone interested to sign up for a rock painting kit with instructions and supplies to paint your own rock with the word “HOPE” in any language. The completed rocks will be displayed initially at the Art Gallery, and later at another community location.

We are looking for help with this project. The instructions for the rock painting kit will include the word “HOPE” in a variety of languages that participants can choose to copy onto their rock. We are asking anyone who can write in a language other than English, to please send us the word “HOPE” in your language so we can include it with the instructions. The Art Gallery is also looking for volunteers to help put together kits and painting supplies for this project.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this, please contact the Welcoming Communities Coalition Coordinator at or the curator at Campbell River Art Gallery at More information about how to sign up for a rock painting kit will be out soon.

Volunteer Campbell River is also supporting a workshop on anti-Asian racism by mother and daughter duo, Thanh and Charis. This fits in with our commitment to Welcoming Communities. Please click the link below to register for this event and feel free to share it with your networks.

Thank you for your commitment in cultivating and fostering Welcoming Communities!

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