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My name is Romeo Hidalgo.  October 08, 2018 was a very special day for my family.  On this day, my 2 sons, Herome and Rafhael and my daughter Sunshine, landed in Vancouver, BC as permanent residents.  We were sponsored by my wife Belinda who started working in Campbell River (CR) on Jan 11, 2015 as live-in caregiver; now working in a respite facility caring for children with disabilities.  The CR Immigrant Welcome Centre (IWC) had helped her with the PR application for herself and sponsorship for the whole family.



 My name is Aurora Calalay. I arrived in Canada in 2009 February as a Temporary Foreign Worker at Tim Hortons. I was able to sponsor my husband and my son and we all became Permanent Residents (PR) on 2013 May 30. My son was 8 years old at the time.


I am Robin Kaminski.  I was born in the USA and came to Canada as a visitor in 1986 via the Peace Arch using my Oregon driver’s license as the document to enter Canada.  I came to Canada to be with my husband who was born in the USA but was a permanent resident of Canada. 


My husband bought a boat and this became our home in Desolation Sound.  We cared for some vacation homes and worked on oyster farms.  We went to Campbell River once a month to buy supplies.


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