I’m so thankful to the Immigrant Welcome Centre for helping me with all my paperwork since the beginning. You guys are awesome! Helping me with my work permit, my permanent residence card, and now with getting my Canadian citizenship.

~ Mary

I was much less stressed and uncertain as I navigated the different steps and felt much more comfortable and confident. Without a doubt I highly recommend the Immigrant Welcome Centre. Thank you for all you do!

~ Stephanie

After I moved here I found IWC and that made me feel good because I felt somebody was here for me when I needed support and help with anything. Even if they can’t help with everything they will tell me where to go. Also, I felt I can trust them and that made me comfortable and confident to settle down and make this my home.

~ Erica

It was hard for us to manage the applications. We live in Courtenay, so it is difficult to connect with experts (in immigration). But IWC is our light. Sometimes the darkness is strong, but the light is our hope.

~ JiHyun

So far our application has been successful and we will become Canadians, yay! I think this centre is wonderful and the services provided are extensive.

~ Monica

They were wonderful to help me walk through my citizenship journey, setting it up and completing the journey. Thanks so much, I could not have done it without your help! Blessing to all.

~ Joanne

I couldn’t have completed my overwhelming paperwork without the dedicated support of the Immigrant Welcome Centre team. There was nothing but complications. I didn’t have the knowledge or experience but they did. Thank you so much!

~ Tom

I was trying to renew my PR card online but the website is terribly confusing … My saving grace was I found the Immigrant Welcome Centre online.

~ Annett

I am forever grateful for the Immigrant Welcome Centre! Now I have a great job. I have sent in my citizenship application with no worries. I am extremely lucky for the support they have provided for me.

~ Bria
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