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The IWC offered me support and encouragement

Jessica arrived in the Comox Valley on a working holiday visa from the UK in her mid-twenties. She knew she wanted to stay, but had no idea how to make her dream a reality. She sought help from the Immigrant Welcome Centre, and the IWC guided her through the steps to apply for permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class.

“The IWC stayed in touch with me throughout the five years it took to become Canadian and offered me support and encouragement. I always knew that I had somewhere I could go to find help, which was a huge relief and helped me navigate a stressful situation,” Jessica said.

Jessica found comfort in knowing that there was somewhere she could access support as she navigated her way to becoming Canadian. Filing her taxes for the first time in Canada, she received one-to-one support from the IWC. “The IWC understood that tax returns are something that’s quite intimidating for newcomers,” she said. “The following year they got in touch to see if I needed help with my taxes again, which was amazing. I didn’t expect them to have remembered me. It made me feel really welcome and cared for in my new community.”

She appreciated that the settlement practitioners kept in touch over the years, through the completion of her Canadian citizenship ceremony. “I was able to sit down with Julie and go through the PR application requirements and process at my own pace,” she said, adding, “It was lovely to have her consistent support and advice as I went through the long process of becoming a Canadian.”

Immigrant Welcome Centre
Immigrant Welcome Centre

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Immigrant Welcome Centre

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