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Thriving Together 4: Difficulty Connecting to the Community Due to COVID-19

My name is Tony Kwon and I immigrated to Canada from South Korea last June. I spend most of my time with my family and as a professional chef enjoy making them food. I really like when they are pleased with what I have made them.

Before COVID-19, I was on parental leave and was not doing any special community programs. I had a few opportunities to connect with people such as learning English at the Immigrant Welcome Centre, or talking to the parents of my daughter’s friends. After the pandemic broke out, I have not been able to meet anyone. I would like to volunteer but it is hard for me to find such a place as many public activities are closed.

I’ve never experienced it in person, but I’m upset that people around me often experience racism because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, I have felt people stare at me and avoid me in public places more than just because of social distancing.

For immigrants, settlement is a very important but difficult task. I hope more can be done by groups or organizations dedicated to immigrants so that they can settle down well in the community. I also think it’s necessary to continue to communicate with service organizations in the region to help immigrants become more included while settling in the region.

Immigrant Welcome Centre
Immigrant Welcome Centre

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