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WCC talks to Grade 12 students about welcoming newcomers

The IWC’s Welcoming Communities Coalition hopes to raise awareness among young people about how to combat racism and welcome newcomers in their schools and communities.

WCC coordinator Dr Toyin Kareem gave a presentation to Grade 12 students at Mark R. Isfeld Secondary in the Comox Valley on June 10. Dr Kareem spoke to the students about what it can feel like to be a newcomer to the community – from feelings of excitement and homesickness to struggles with culture shock and language barriers.

She provided actionable ways for the students to be considerate of and sensitive to people who are different from them. Some of these tips included initiating conversations with newcomers, being patient if there are language barriers, learning some common phrases in a newcomer’s language, supporting local businesses run by immigrants, and knocking on the door of a new neighbour with a gift to say welcome.

The discussion also focused on how to be an ally both in person and on social media.

Are you an administrator who would like to see this Welcoming Communities Coalition presentation come to your school? Please contact Toyin Kareem at

Pictured: a slide from Dr Kareem’s Isfeld presentation. 


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